Aracure LLC


Aracure, in partnership with Connect Genomics of Canada, is a supplier of all well-known high-quality laboratory brands, DNA and RNA extraction kits and oligonucleotides for the global life science research community. Their ability to guarantee oligo quality and performance is directly related to their comprehensive understanding of oligonucleotide chemistry and synthesis platforms. They offer a comprehensive product portfolio of PCR Master mix, DNA oligos, qPCR Probes, RNA oligos and siRNA.

Aracure also offers consultancy services in the areas of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Stem-Cell Biology, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Bioinformatics and Cleanroom Technologies.

Additionally, their training services cover such topics as Advanced Cell Biology, including Pluripotent Stem Cell Culturing and Adult Stem Cell Culturing, Separation Techniques and Their Applications, Laboratory Diagnosis of Blood Genetic Disorders and DNA Technology & Genetic Engineering in Human Diseases.

Aracure is now offering consultancy and training services for Cleanroom Technology, including but not limited to design, testing and operations.

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