About Us

Medical Technology Link Alliance, commonly referred to as MTLA, represents an alliance between the subsidiaries of MTLA, its sister companies and its strategic partners, which together deal in research and development and manufacturing and marketing of cutting-edge products and services for the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Technology and Educational sectors.

Each individual company in our group acts as an independent company but works in close cooperation with each of the other companies supporting their endeavors to achieve success at the highest possible levels — whether they may be related to research and development, manufacturing or marketing and distribution.

Although our overall concentration is in the medical and educational sectors, we strive to target all connected and overlapping areas such as the pharmaceutical, industrial, technology and even the agricultural sectors.

MTLA is managed by a group of experts whose combined experiences stretch over a century. Click here to learn more about the people behind the MTLA group.

It’s about creating strength in numbers, finding common ground and supporting each other. – Jane Kim

If you as an individual researcher and developer or a company would like to explore the possibility of working together with any of our group members or believe can contribute to our group, we encourage you to contact us today. We are more than happy to discuss ideas under NDA’s, however, please know that all communications / ideas / suggestions are considered confidential and only made public under mutual explicit agreement/s.