A Life Sciences company offering products and services ranging from DNA sequencing and oligonucleotides to bio-printing

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Sesneber International

Providing solutions for...
Infection Control
Medical Education and Simulation
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Medical and Scientific Lab Design
Mobile Medical and Field Hospitals
Training and Education

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Carrying out research in the area of assistive technologies focusing on solutions for those suffering from physical disabilities, in particular, visual impairments

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Now representing Gubener Plastinate GmbH, offering one-of-a-kind, real human specimens, preserved through plastination, exclusively for medical teaching, anatomy labs and instruction.

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A group of companies dealing in research and development, manufacturing and marketing of cutting-edge products and services for the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Technology and Educational sectors.

  • aracure

    Aracure LLC

    Aracure is a US based supplier of all well-known high-quality laboratory brands, DNA and RNA extraction kits and oligonucleotides for the global life science research community. Their ability to guarantee oligo quality and performance is directly related to their comprehensive understanding of oligonucleotide chemistry and synthesis platforms. Aracure offers a comprehensive product portfolio of PCR Master mix, DNA oligos, qPCR Probes, RNA oligos and siRNA.

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  • Research Collaboration

    Araware LLC

    Araware is an IT research and development company with emphasis on research collaboration with leading educational institutions around the world. Araware also tries to match OEM’s around the world with university based research groups to encourage the collaborative efforts.

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    ISM-TEC LLC, based out of Wilmington, DE (USA), has been providing representation and business services in the heart of the Arabian Gulf for the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Technology and Educational sectors.

    Through a local network of established distributors in the Arabian Gulf, ISM-TEC finds the right match for the manufacturers and service providers allowing them complete access to the applicable sectors (including teaching institutions and private and government hospitals and clinics) and a system for constant feedback and forecasts for the sales and marketing activities.

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Strategic Partners

  • US-Saudi Arabian Business Council

    Sesneber International

    Sesneber International is a supplier of cutting-edge medical products and services to not only customers in Saudi Arabia, but all of the Arabian Gulf and parts of the Middle-East. They also offer consultancy services and complete turnkey solutions for small and large scale projects — from inception to completion.

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  • Roxtec Cleanroom

    Roxtec International AB

    Roxtec — both a strategic partner and special client in the MENA region — working on multiple levels with our companies, specializes in the development and manufacturing of cable and pipe seals (also known as multi-cable transits). Roxtec’s products are designed to seal cable and pipe penetrations in order to protect from multiple hazards including fire, water, gas, dust, vibrations, electro-magnetic disturbances, vermin and the risk of explosion. The company’s main operating sectors include power, marine, oil and gas, telecoms, infrastructure, industrial equipment, and the process industries.

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  • Rosalle

    Rosalle Middle-East

    Rosalle Technologies brings to our customers a quarter century of process and procurement solutions expertise in various industries particularly in Chemical Process Industry, Healthcare Services and Information Technology. Their long term and proven associations with leading manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials, process materials, high tech equipments, machinery components and information technology products brings to the customer’s door step a full solution of just in time service. Their service oriented business comes with a consulting approach backed by a 25+ years of industry experience.

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  • Stennova


    Stennova is our strategic partner from Finland for the benefit our Scandinavian customers.

    Stennova’s efforts are focused for innovative startup and SME corporatations who want to extend their services to the Middle-East and North African region.

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